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Designed for beginners and experienced traders to trade with ease.

Auto Trades

Your trades operate around the clock on AI bot strategies.

Stable Returns

Consistent and reliable profit based on Guarded Pool System


Dedicated to unwavering consistency, delivering the serenity of peace of mind


Fortified with cutting-edge security measures, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

Getting started

Embark on your passive income journey with as little as 150U with GT Plus Package.

Regulated Risk

Systematic controls and compliance measures to mitigate potential risk.

Users in 20 countries and regions around the world.

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Monthly Trading Volume


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We connect with the brightest stars of the crypto space.

The Power of MYTH

MYTH Indicator System

A combination of top technological research and development, autonomy, analysis and judgement.

Unique Order Strategy

Leveraged to enhance trading strategies, improve efficiency, mitigate risks, and capitalize on opportunities.

Professional Team

Our team of industry experts with decades of experience in blockchain, AI, and finance

Realtime Operations

All Myrh Guarded Trades are transparent, fair and open.

Profit Guaranteed

If a loss occurs during the transaction, your losses will be compensated from the protected trade pool.

Withdrawal Anytime

Profit withdrawal at anytime

Reward System

An equitable reward system, sustained by our long-term commitment to operational excellence.

MYTH Ecosystem

A robust ecosystem empowers the MYTH community to attain financial independence within the realm of blockchain.

MYTH Trading System

Proprietary Innovation-driven AI calculation formula



MYTH Features

GT Live

Suitable for Traders
$ 1500 min. investment
  • Self-managed
  • Daily activation
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Profit-share
  • API to Binance

GT Plus

Suitable for Investors
$ 150 min. investment
  • Myth Managed
  • Daily profit taking
  • Realtime monitoring
  • Guarded Trades
  • Management Fee

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Be a part of our thriving community and enjoy the rewarding journey of learning and sharing.

"Very good program, proven. I am so excited about the two way generating Income."
Noor Azmi
Never loss, real 2-way Futures crypto trading in the world. It gives me peace of mind and financial freedom. No regret, no retreat.

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General Risk Disclosure | Terms & Conditions

Prior to engaging in any trading activities, it is imperative that you seek guidance from an independent and duly licensed financial advisor. Additionally, you should carefully assess your risk tolerance, evaluate your relevant experience, and acquire the necessary knowledge. Decisions to trade should only be made after thorough consideration. Under no circumstances shall Myth assume any liability, whether direct, indirect, special, consequential, or incidental, for any damages that may be incurred by any individual or entity. It is vital to recognize that cryptocurrency markets operate without regulation and are not subject to any specific regulatory framework. Trading on the Myth platform, whether by following, copying, or replicating the trades of other traders, carries a high level of risk. This risk persists even when following, copying, or replicating the actions of top-performing traders. Potential risks include the possibility of replicating the trading decisions of individuals who may lack experience or professionalism, or whose ultimate objectives, intentions, or financial circumstances may differ from your own. Past performance should not be construed as a reliable indicator of future performance. It is important to acknowledge that content generated on Myth’s social trading platform is contributed by members of the community and does not constitute advice or recommendations, either directly or on behalf of Myth.